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Create German quizzes from YouTube videos with this free website

Interpolly is a free website that was built by a software developer who used YouTube to learn German. It allows you to create vocabulary quizzes from YouTube videos, 100% for free!

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Interpolly lets you turn YouTube videos into vocabulary quizzes

Scrolling through Reddit today, I came across a great new website for German learners made by an r/German user. The site is called Interpolly, and it allows you to easily create German vocabulary quizzes from YouTube videos. I checked it out and really liked the site, so I thought I’d write up a little review as a way of saying thanks to the developer for making this free tool for German learners.

Interpolly works for Spanish, French, and a few other languages too. But the idea was inspired by the developer’s experience learning German by watching YouTube videos, which I think is super heartwarming.

If you haven’t already checked it out yourself, German-learning Reddit tend to be really wholesome. At least, that’s been my experience, and the existence of free projects like Interpolly backs that up. People often post amazing free learning aides like this one and other resources that they make to help out other learners, and subs like r/German are some of my favorite places to look for new German-learning resources and tips. Interpolly was made by u/marcellki. Read their post introducing it to r/German here.

Turn videos into German vocabulary quizzes with Interpolly

You can either choose to browse Interpolly’s library of videos or provide a URL for a YouTube video to watch instead. Once the video starts, you’ll see a transcript show up like subtitles underneath the video. You can click words as they go by to add them to your words list and see a translation.

A screenshot of Interpolly. You can use the website to turn youtube videos into German vocabulary lists and quizzes

Once you’ve added words to your list, you can turn them into a flashcard-like quiz that asks you to translate the German word to English. It seems like the suggested translations are drawn from other words in your list and from the video you used to make your list, which I think is a clever choice. It means that the various options all make about equal sense given the context of the video, so you actually need to know what the word means to get the answer right.

For instance, here’s a question from a dummy quiz I made based on a Kurzgesagt video about alien civilizations. Two of the words are related to the video, and one is another word in the list.

A screenshot of an Interpolly vocabulary quiz.

There are a few bugs, mainly with the translation of especially complicated words and a few verb forms. Still, I really enjoyed Interpolly, and would have really benefitted from this kind of site when I was first starting to learn.

At this point though, I understand most words in YouTube videos and I’m pretty attached to Anki when it comes to learning vocabulary, so I probably won’t be using it too much. But if the Interpolly developers ever add the option to export words to CSVs or spreadsheets that I can import to Anki flashcards, you can bet that I’ll be using it alllll the time.

Overall, this is a really awesome, free tool. Just one more reason to love the online German-learning community.

Based on the developer’s Reddit post, it seems like Interpolly is still under development and that the developers are looking for feedback. There’s a form on the Interpolly site where you can leave feedback.

Everything on this is site is free. German is hard enough without having to pay to learn it. But if you do want to throw money at me for some reason, I wouldn’t say no to a coffee. Thanks for visiting!

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