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Monoglot Anxiety, like most websites, uses cookies. I’ve done my best to build my site using services that won’t re-sell your data and which have put in the work to be compliant with laws like the GDPR and CPPA. And that’s not just because I want to be compliant—I truly believe in these kinds of laws, and think we all should have more control over the way our data is used.

That said, I’m not a lawyer or a web developer, so it is possible I’ve made a mistake. Please tell me if you see one, or if you have any questions about how I (or the services that power Monoglot Anxiety) use your data.

The services I’ve chosen to use with this site are: Netlify (web hosting), (comments), Google Analytics (analytics), Gumroad (web store), and Youtube (embedded youtube videos). These services require cookies. No marketing cookies are necessary for this site/improve the site experience. Please disable them! They are collected by entities that aren’t in my control (i.e. Google and Facebook’s targeted ads).

Statistics cookies allow me to see how many visitors I get to the site each day using Google Analytics. So if you want to help me out, please allow statistics cookies. However keep in mind that Gumroad also keeps statistics cookies for their own analytics. This is one reason why I am looking for an alternative to Gumroad for the near future.

Good? Alright. Onto the automatically-generated legal stuff:

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