Lexie Grace

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Imagine Rose of Golden Girls and Billy Wilder had a lovechild who was magically a Black Puerto Rican comedian. Lexie Grace is smiley, relentlessly optimistic, big-hearted, and funny as all h*ck.

Raised in Hollywood by a literal pack of wild female comedians (who always dropped her off at Catholic school on time) Lexie is used to being the odd one out: too Black for private school and too nerdy to not get beat up at Sunday School, Lexie has smiled through it all while making everyone else laugh along the way. She has also studied writing and directing at NYU, trained at Groundlings, Second City Hollywood, UCB, and just wrote a commercial for IKEA. Check out Lexie Grace’s comedy, and you’ll see why audiences everywhere are so enamored and entertained, they’re naming their babies after her (well that was one former stalker, but Lexie hopes to collect more namesakes as her career progresses.)


For comedy : @smilelexie

For language: @SpanishLexie