10 Great German Science Youtube Channels

Get your German language immersion with a side of nerdy awesomeness with these 10 German science YouTube channels


German science videos were some of the first “real” German media that I could understand. It might sound like a tough place to start, but thanks to the overlap between English and German scienctific vocabulary, science videos can actually be a great entry into authentic German content (especially if you’re a nerd like me). These 10 channels are a great resource for German learners or anyone else looking for awesome science videos in German.

Many of these channels are supported by German public broadcasters like ZDF, so you can look forward to plenty of ad-free immersion.

With that, I hope you nerds enjoy!!

1. Mailab

One of the most famous German-language YouTube channels, Mailab was my gateway drug for German science YouTube. The host, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, earned her PhD in chemistry before becoming a full-time science communicator and YouTuber. Her videos cover a wide range of scientific topics relevant to daily life, and she often debunks popular science myths. As a scientist myself, I’ve always been amazed by how clearly Mai communicates complex ideas—not just about science, but about the scientific process as well—without sacrificing accuracy.

Her video on why and how scientists make mistakes and what that really means the best treatment of this issue tjat I’ve been able to find on YouTube—in German or English—to date.

2. Dinge Erklärt (Kurzgesagt)

You might already be familiar with the insanely popular (14+ million subscriber) science and philosophy channel Kurzgesagt, but did you realize that there’s a German-language Kurzgesagt channel, too? In fact, the studio behind Kurzgesagt is based in Munich, so you might even consider the German-language channel the “real” Kurzgesagt (even though it was started 2 years later and has about 8% of the subscribers).

Many videos are simply German versions of those on the English channel, but there are a few that are exclusive to one language or the other. This video on homeopathy isn’t available in English, and it’s a great look at a pretty hot-button issue in Germany.

3. Terra X Lesch&Co

Terra X, a brand associated with the German public broadcaster ZDF, is essentially the German version of the Discovery Channel…if the Discovery Channel was still producing educational documentaries instead of overproduced docu-series about dudes with weird or dangerous jobs. There are 3 Terra X channels on YouTube, my favorite being Terra X Lesch&Co.

Lesch&Co is one of the two science-focused arms of the Terra X channel trio, with content made with a more grown-up audience in mind than counterpart Terra X plus. Most of the videos are about physics and astronomy, perhaps because the main host, Harald Lesch, is a walking, talking stereotype of a physicist—sweatervests and all. It’s a great channel with interesting videos and a dynamic team of co-hosts including Mai Nguyen-Kim of Mailab.

For the classic Terra X Lesch&Co astrophysics-y experience, check out the playlist “Das Weltall erklärt."

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4. Terra X plus

Like sister channel Terra X Lesch&Co, Terra X plus is a science channel from ZDF. The content is intended for school kids and teens, so this channel might be a better choice than Lesch&Co you’re just starting to learn German.

Unlike a lot of science channels, this one doesn’t just stick to astrophysics. There’s biology, too, like this video on how trees communicate with one another.

5. Quarks

A well-known German science and technology show, but Quarks has kept up with the 21st century trends by making a YouTube channel as well. If you like any of the TerraX channels, you’ll probably enjoy Quarks as well. The channel has tons of videos on scientific topics (especially those relevant to everyday life, society and politics) and there are plenty of interesting science history and natural history videos as well.

I really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far of the “Die Geschichte von…” series, which isn’t always about science but is exactly the kind of thing I remember loving to watch on the Discovery Channel as a kid.

6. BYTEthinks

For the more technically inclined, BYTEthinks is a YouTube channel full of short, byte-sized (haha) videos on technology and science. The video style is fun, mostly consisting of stick-figure style animations and virtual chalkboard diagrams that help clarify complex topics. The channel definitely has a focus on computer science.

Don’t know where to start? Try BYTEthinks' video on artificial intelligence.

7. Psychologeek

Psychology, like many social sciences, often falls victim to twisted interpretation that can lead to persistent, wrong, and sometimes harmful scientific myths. Psychologeek host and psychologist Pia Kabitzsch does a great job breaking down the real science behind popular psychology topics for a wide audience and, when necessary, debunking those pesky myths.

I loved her video on the ever-popular Myers-Briggs personality types. Decide for yourself whether to file those under psychology fact or potentially harmful myth.

8. Explainity

Explainity isn’t exactly a science channel–it’s an “education project” with videos on pretty much anyting complicated enough to require a bit of explaining. The hand-drawn video style is super engaging, and there are plenty of videos on natural science and medicine in addition to Explanity’s fantastic content on German politics and society.

The video on photosynthesis does a great job walknig through not only the science involved, but also the history behind how photosynthesis was descovered.

9. AllesPhysik

AllesPhysik is a straightforward physics and astronomy YouTube channel. If you liked Cosmos, you might like this: the channel’s creator, Thomas, has made almost 20 videos so far on the solar system, space exploration, and the cosmology. Videos are usually short, no more than 10 minutes, so you can definitely squeeze in a bit of German practice with AllesPhysik even if you’re pressed for time.

AllesPhysik’s latest video was on discovering habitable exoplants.

10. Terra X

Rounding out the Terra X trio and this list of German science YouTube channels is Terra X (no “plus,” no “Lesch&Co”) . It comes in last of the three since it has more of a historical than scientific bent, but there are plenty of good cosmology, earth history, and archaeology videos on the channel as well.

The playlist on spaceflight is a good place to look for science videos on this channel.

Maybe you’re already a fan of some of these channels—one even has a popular English counterpart. Or, maybe I missed oned you would have included. Are there any other subjects you’d like me to list out some great German YouTube channels about? Do you just want to shame me for writing a listicle? Whatever the case, just drop a comment below if you want to say something. I’d love to hear from you (even if it’s just to ring the shame bell).

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